Caribbean University Network


We are a group of scholars, activists, artists and thinkers who aim to establish a collaborative network among academic institutions and activist organizations in the Caribbean to advance educational, literacy and healthcare initiatives to benefit students and scholars and to promote community building, collaboration and activism in the Caribbean region. Our group includes research in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences with the aim of organizing initiatives focusing on education, literacy, healthcare geared towards activism that is informed by a cultural competency and sensitivity to the immediate needs of young scholars and students in the region.

Our group is interested in promoting several initiatives, which include inter alia:

  • a bi-annual interdisciplinary Caribbean institute for students, faculty, artists and activists on areas of inquiry decided based on currency for the region
  • promote collaborative research and teaching projects among several disciplines and institutions in the Caribbean region
  • provide suitable traditional and online venues and platforms for the dissemination of current research and the translation of relevant materials to promote pan-Caribbean educational efforts and literacy projects
  • establish collaborative plans and policies to address water and food sovereignty and environmental vulnerability in the Caribbean
  • design culturally competent health intervention initiatives to share with healthcare providers and policy makers to treat non-communicable diseases in the region.  
  • foster dialogues between academics, activists, policymakers and professionals about common areas of interest and intervention in the Caribbean  


Founding Members


Kenneth Connell, University of West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados,
Yanique Hume, University of West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados,


Kevin Sedeño-Guillén, University of Cartagena,
Silvia Valero, University of Cartagena,


Camila Valdés León, Casa de las Américas-Cuba,

Dominican Republic

Fátima Portorreal, Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo,


Oonya Kempadoo, Grenada Community Library and Resource Centre,


Nadève Ménard, Université d’État d’Haïti, Port-au-Prince,


Matthew Smith, University of West Indies-Mona,

Puerto Rico

Luis Agrait Betancourt, University of Puerto Rico,
Nadja Rios Villarini, University of Puerto Rico,
Carmen H. Rivera Vega, University of Puerto Rico,
Maria Elena Rodríguez Castro, University of Puerto Rico,
Don Walicek, University of Puerto Rico,


Patricia Mohammed, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad,

U.S. Based Partners:
New Jersey, USA

Carlos Decena, Rutgers University,

New York, USA

Glyne Griffith, SUNY Albany,

Florida, USA

Florida International University:

Danielle Clealand, Florida International University,
Jorge Duany, Florida International University,
Liesl Picard, Florida International University,
Chantalle Verna, Florida International University,

University of Florida:

Leah Rosenberg, University of Florida, Digital Library of the Caribbean,
Laurie Taylor, University of Florida, Digital Library of the Caribbean,

University of Miami:

Jafari Allen, University of Miami,
Donette Francis, University of Miami,
Lillian Manzor, University of Miami,
Yolanda Martinez-San Miguel, University of Miami,
Kate Ramsey, University of Miami,
Paricia Saunders, University of Miami,
Beatrice Skokan, University of Miami,
Martin Tsang, University of Miami,